Eric Speaks on the Panel Presentation on Hawaii’s Uniform Trust Code

On March 29, 2022, Eric spoke as part of a distinguished panel of estate planners, to discuss Hawaii’s newly enacted Uniform Trust Code, contained in Hawaii Revised Statutes § 554D.  Below is the recording of the livestream presentation, sponsored by the Probate & Estate Planning Section of the Hawaii State Bar Association.

Eric Talks About Britney Spears (really) on KHON2’s “What’s the Law?”

Coralie Chun Matayoshi, host of What’s the Law on KHON2 discussed the topic “why are people like Britney Spears put under a conservatorship?” with Eric, on March 21, 2022.  In the interview, Eric explains when a conservatorship is needed the difference between a conservatorship and guardianship the process for appointing a conservator and whether anyone can…… Continue reading Eric Talks About Britney Spears (really) on KHON2’s “What’s the Law?”

The KupunaWiki Radio Show Talks with Eric

The KupunaWiki Radio Show, a program produced by senior citizen resource interviewed Eric about estate planning in Hawaii.  The interview was broadcast on 690AM on February 25, 2022, with hosts Brandon Lau and Andrew Leong.